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Individual Therapy*

* Unfortunately, I'm not currently taking new individual cases.


Children, adolescents,  and adults. Individual therapy can take place in the office setting or depending on the work being done (exposure therapy) it can also take place in the community or in the home. Standard individual sessions are 50 minutes long but can be arranged to be 80 minutes long. Frequency depends on availability and treatment plan. 




Family Work 

​Typically an individual therapist will not also do family work, however because children do not grow up in isolation it is often important to have family work built into a treatment plan. This can be family therapy, consulting, or simply take the form of regular communication with parents and family to ensure holistic care.

Consulting and Life Coaching

Consulting is available for challenging behaviors as well as professional advocacy around work and school accommodations.  This includes but not limited to support with Special Education requirements, IEP, 504 plans, and reasonable accommodations. Understanding rights, requirements, and laws around disabilities can be difficult. Support and advocacy can help to ensure individuals have what is reasonable and necessary to succeed. 

Life Coaching is for adults who may want some additional support and guidance, but don't need in depth mental health therapy.

Social Skills and Healthy Relationship Skills


Social skills and relationships can be challenging to navigate. Often times anxiety, depression, ASD can increase the challenge of maintaining healthy positive relationships. Skills can be developed to improve confidence and ease.  Treatment does not have to be office based, this can be home based or community based work.  ​​

Behavioral Planning and Support

​Challenging behavior can be exhausting both for the individual and for the family. We can create a behavioral intervention plan together. Initial clear expectations and goals are important as this can be a time consuming process. Basic behavioral consulting (depending on intensity) is included with individual therapy at no additional cost.

Narrative Therapy and Groups

​Writing can be a powerful tool for processing and self reflection. Writing can be incorporated into individual sessions. Writing workshops and groups are available by demand. 


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