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Educational background: 


BA in Creative Writing, emphasis in poetry & BS in Special Education and Rehabilitation, 2007 (graduated with honors). MA in Rehabilitation Counseling 2009. Maya worked as a habilitation therapist from 2005-2009. Maya worked as a behavioral support specialist and counselor (intensive in home within public behavioral health) from 2009-2014.

Having a strong behavioral background, Maya has experience working with challenging behaviors and unique family dynamics. She looks at disability as a unique difference worth empowering in a world full of stigma. She understands trauma as a process of survival that can blossom into unwavering strength.


Maya believes in the importance of healing as an ongoing process, a natural part of living. No individual or family fits into one box and no recovery plan should be cookie cutter. The medical model focuses on problem/illness vs. solution/empowerment, this can be counter productive to progress and healing.


Maya wanted to be a poet, not a therapist. Today, she is both. Her creativity is a gift she uses within the therapeutic relationship. Focusing on the potential in others rather then the deficits. 


Maya's Creative Counseling is a trauma informed and nerodivergent friendly space. Our goal is to support empowerment, authenticity, and healing.

Our goal is not to condition individuals to be nerotypical.


Photo of Maya 

Drawing of Maya, by 7 year old client

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

– Dr. Seuss 

Maya Asher, LPC 

Clinical Therapist 

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